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Girl Fight: Fresno Girls Fight At Gas Station [Nudity]

These two hood rats go at it at the gas station and we did forewarn you that there is nudity… but I promise you that it’s not anything you want to see. Just sayin’  Read More →

Girl Fight: Dalila vs Alyeska

At first glance when I noticed the one girl in the basketball shorts I thought this was going to be the normal “popular girl gets rocked by the girl jock”. It was pretty much the other way around. I surely didn’t expect the round 2 kicks to the face. This is disturbing… what’s up with today’s youth?  Read More →

Girls Fight: Lost vs. Manik

These two girls obviously do not like each other. One of them gets a beat down, that’s for sure. We don’t condone violence… but we came across this online and felt it would be a good fit on the site.  Read More →

Typical Drunk Fresno Girls

Drunk Fresno girls yelling at each other over something pointless I’m sure. Never escalates to anything other than a lot more talking.  Read More →
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