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Girl Fight: Fresno Girls Fight At Gas Station [Nudity]

These two hood rats go at it at the gas station and we did forewarn you that there is nudity… but I promise you that it’s not anything you want to see. Just sayin’  Read More →

Girl Fight: Dalila vs Alyeska

At first glance when I noticed the one girl in the basketball shorts I thought this was going to be the normal “popular girl gets rocked by the girl jock”. It was pretty much the other way around. I surely didn’t expect the round 2 kicks to the face. This is disturbing… what’s up with today’s youth?  Read More →

Girls Fight: Lost vs. Manik

These two girls obviously do not like each other. One of them gets a beat down, that’s for sure. We don’t condone violence… but we came across this online and felt it would be a good fit on the site.  Read More →

Typical Drunk Fresno Girls

Drunk Fresno girls yelling at each other over something pointless I’m sure. Never escalates to anything other than a lot more talking.  Read More →

Fresno Cops Caught on Tape Manhandling a Teenage Girl

FRESNO, Calif. – A violent incident led to criminal charges against a Fresno high school student, but part of the incident was caught on tape, and the charges didn’t stick. The teenager is now celebrating a legal victory and preparing to sue Fresno Police at the same time. Idalia Morgutia-Johnson was 15 years old and hanging out with friends after school when she says two officers manhandled... 

Fresno Police Drowns a Man by Tasering and Hogtying Him

FRESNO, Calif. (CN) – Fresno police drowned a man by Tasering and hogtying him, then sticking a garden hose “onto (his) face and mouth” when he pleaded for water, the man’s two children claim in Federal Court. The two minor children, I.R. and H.R., claim that in the summer of 2011 Fresno police restrained their father, Raul Rosas, at a friend’s house while responding... 
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